University- Hospital Teams

Clinical and support departments of the Lille University Hospital


Neurology Department

Centre of expertise for Alzheimer disease and related disease
Head: Pr Florence Pasquier, Dr Thibaud Lebouvier

Memory Centre, Ressources and Research (CMRR) Lille-Bailleul
National Reference Centre for Alzheimer Young Patients

Centre of expertise for Parkinson Disease (PD)
Head: Pr Luc Defebvre, Dr Caroline Moreau, Pr Kathy Dujardin

Centre of expertise for multiple sclerosis
Head: Pr Patrick Vermersch

Centre of expertise for Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS)
Head: Dr Véronique Brunaud-Danel & Pr David Devos

Centre of reference for Huntington Disease
Head: Dr Clémence Simonin

Centre for Spinocerebellar Ataxia
Head: Pr David Devos & Dr Caroline Moreau

Centre of reference for adult-onset rare disorders
Head: Dr Caroline Moreau & Pr Luc Defebvre

Centre for Neurovascular Disease
Head: Pr Charlotte Cordonnier

Imaging and Functional Exploration Department

Neuroradiology – Clinical Imaging Core faCility (ci2c)
Head: Pr Jean-Pierre Pruvo & Pr Xavier Leclerc

Nuclear Medicine & Molecular Imaging
Head: Pr Franck Semah

Head: Pr Philippe Derambure & Christelle Monaca

Biology Pathology Genetic Department

Neurobiology and Neurogenetic
Head: Pr Bernard Sablonnière & Dr Susanna Schraen

Head: Dr Sylvain Dubucquoi

Head: Pr Claude-Alain Maurage & Pr Vincent Deramecourt

Neurosurgery Department

Functional & Stereotaxic Neurosurgery
Head: Pr Serge Blond

Collaboration with the Expert Centre for Parkinson Disease

Exploration of Visual Function and neuro-ophtalmology
Head: Dr Sabine Defoort

Medical Pharmacology Department
Head: Pr Régis Bordet, Pr Dominique Deplanque, Pr David Devos

Public Health Department – Epidemiology, Health Economy and Prevention
Head: Pr Philippe Amouyel

Biostatistic and Methodology Department
Head: Pr Alain Duhamel

Clinical Investigation Centre – Technology Innovation Centre and Biological Ressource Centre
Head: Pr Dominique Delplanque


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