Complementary training course “VasCog”

Complementary training course “VasCog”

Training objectives

Covering healthcare, research and training aspects, the University Hospital Federative (FHU) research project VASCOG focuses its efforts to better understand the impact of vascular, inflammatory and metabolic risk factors on the onset of cognitive disorders, in presence or not of pre-existing stroke. The VasCog HFU project hypothetize that an early detection, prevention and treatment of vascular and metabolic risk factors could postpone the occurence of cognitive disorders. The project want to bring efficient responses to the societal  issues related to cognitive disorders by:

  • The setting of specialized care pathways for handling neurovascular risk factors and a specific training in basic sciences and Hum, and social sciences;
  •  The development of better knowledges of prognosis biomarkers for cognitive disorders using a multidisciplinary and multimodal approach.

Specificities of the “VasCog” complementary training course

  • To create a national wide training course allowing students to learn and better understand the impact of vascular and metabolic risk factors on cognition and to learn how to prevent their deleterious effects;
  • To reinforce interactions between specialities involved in those pathologies’ care pathways;
  • To promote the diffusion of good medical practices;
  • To promote muti-centric clinical and transverse research.

This training course is tailored for medical doctors (all specialities), psychologists, neuropsychologists, physiotherapists, nurse, speach therapists, occupational therapists. It is addressed to professionals either working in university hospitals, general hospitals or in private medical practice but also to researchers and students as well as all healthcare and research professionnals willing to be informed on prevention of the vascular risks.

Targeted competencies

The Vascog Traning course has the ambition to give, tsudents, a up-to-date transversal corpus of  knowledge on the following topics:

Generalities on cognition and vascular risk factors

  • Cognition : definition of the different domain of cognition – anatomo-pathological basis – methods of evaluation – influence of emotion on cognition;
  •  Vascular risk factors.

Vascular risk factors and cognition

  • The different approach of the
  • non-pathological ageing;
  • Cognitive pathologies and impact of vascular risk factors;
  • Care management of the cognitive complaint : Etilogy? Outcomes ?

Prevention of the Vascular risk factors and cognition

  • Treatments of the vascular risk factors : from animal models to the clinical trials;
  • Prevention of vascular risk factors and cognition.


Please note that the training course is provided in French language.

For application, please send your Curriculum viate and covering letter before the 1rst of November 2018 to: . Your application must be validated by the pedagogic team before the administrative registration

Registration closed by the 15th of Decmber 2018:  


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