Neurosciences research teams

Neurosciences research teams

UMR-S-1167: “Risk Factors and Molecular Determinants of Ageing related diseases” LINK
Head: Pr Philippe Amouyel
Lille University – Inserm – Pasteur Institute of Lille – Lille University Hospital – Labex Distalz – ImagInex BioMed – SFR DN2M – FHU VasCog

UMR-S-1171: “Vascular and Degenerative Cognitive Disorders “LINK
Head: Pr Régis Bordet
Lille University – Inserm  – Lille University Hospital – SFR DN2M – FHU VasCog

UMR-S-1172: “Jean-Pierre Aubert Research Centre”
Head: Dr Luc Buée
Lille University – Inserm  – Lille University Hospital – Centre Jean-Pierre Aubert – Labex DISTALZ – SFR DN2M – FHU VasCog
– Team “Alzheimer Disease & Tauopathies” (Luc Buée)
– Team “Early stage of Parkinson Disease” (Marie-Christine Chartier-Harlin)
– Team “Neuro-Oncochemistry” (Patricia Melnyk)

UMR-S-995: “Lille International Research Centre on Inflammation (LIRIC)”LINK
Head: Pierre Desreumaux
Université de Lille – Inserm – CHU Lille – SFR DN2M – FHU IMMINENT
– Team “Multiple Sclerosis” – Patrick Vermersch
– Team “Glycation, from Inflammation to Ageing” –  Eric Boulanger

UMR-S-1177: “Drug and Molecules for living beings” LINK
Head: Benoit Déprez
Lille University – Inserm – Pasteur Institute of Lille – ImagInex BioMed – FHU VasCog

UMR-9193: “SCALab” – Cognitive Sciences & Affective Sciences LINK
Head: Yan Coello
CNRS – Lille University – Lille University Hospital – LabEx DISTALZ- SFR DN2M – FHU VasCog – EquipEx IrDIVE
– Team “Emotional Dynamic and Pathology (DEEP)” (Pascal Antoine)
– Team “Action, Vision & Learning (AVA)” (Muriel Boucart)

UMR-8576: “Structural and Functional Glycobiology Unit” – LINK

Head: Christophe D’HULST
Lille University – CNRS – Labex DISTALZ – SFR DN2M
– Team: “NMR & Molecular interaction” (Guy Lippens & Isabelle Landrieu)
– Team: “Glycobiology of Disease related to Stress (Prenatal Stress & Neurodegenerative Disease)” (Stefania Maccari)

UMR-9189: “Research centre in Computer Science, Signal and Automatic Control of Lille (CRIStAl)”LINK
Head: Sophie Tison
Lille University – CNRS – INRIA –  CRIStal Centre
– Team BONSAI: “Bioinformatics and Sequence Analysis” (Hélène Touzet)


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